Friday, September 9, 2011

Almost healthy, doesn't it count?

Out there on the web is a recipe for brownies made with black beans instead of flour. Most people think it sounds gross, but you really don't taste the beans at all. While its not a real fudgy brownie, it is a pretty good version.
I have another brownie recipe bookmarked that I wanted to try. This one uses pureed raspberries in place of the oil. Raspberry and chocolate is such a good combination! I didn't have the amount of raspberries that recipe called for so I decided I would take the berries I did have and put them in the black bean recipe instead.
Because the brownies only called for a 1/3c oil and I used a container of fresh raspberries instead they ended up not solidifying like they should. Instead I came away with an awesome tasting raspberry chocolate black bean mousse.