Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #6 Summer Photo Essay

This week's assignment is to post a photo essay of our summer. Unfortunately, when our computer crashed last month it took all of our photos with it. Yes, that's right, four years of photos stored on a computer with no backup, crazy isn't it? Anyway, the jury is still out on if we will be able to save any of that or not. I do however have our oldest daughter's birthday party and some pictures the girls took of a grasshopper in our backyard, so here they are:

This is Charlotte's birthday. I am in blue cutting the cake. My second oldest, Devorah is in yellow next to me (she wears yellow all the time so we have nicknamed her Chiquita like the bananas). My third oldest, Abby is in the blue at the table.

This picture is of my niece Sam, my oldest son Daniel and my second oldest son Tim.

In this picture our oldest Charlotte is blowing out her candles.

I wont show you all the many pictures the children took of the grasshopper, but I will show you the best two-

I will leave you with something to make your mouth water. Dan has perfected a wonderful new cheesecake recipe for the fall- Apple Pie Cheesecake

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs -Favorite Things

This week I want to invite you to share a few of your favourite things - er - sites. I know the list of favorite things could be never-ending, but I’ve made a list for you to do regarding your favorite homeschool things. BUT by all means you’re welcome to add your other favorite things on the post as well!

I look forward to seeing everyone else's lists. I lost all my bookmarks in a computer crash a few weeks back and am lost without them! Here is the little bit I have of sites I knew by memory and no computer crashing can take away from me!

Can you tell I've been wiped clean of all my websites?