Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to cook rice the easy way

I had my husband's siblings over for lunch one Sunday in February. I had the main meal in the crock pot (chili) but wanted to serve it over rice. My problem was, how to get brown rice cooked and ready in a short time so that we could eat as soon as we came home from church? Here is what I did-

Take a pot and add to it the brown rice and water needed for your recipe. Put the lid on and heat it up till it boils. Turn off the stove, take your pot and place it in the microwave (leave the lid on). Go off to church and when you come home your rice will be ready for you!

I cooked a full 2#s of rice this way. It was in the microwave for a good four hours. It may not need that much time to sit but that is how long we were gone to church. The microwave acts as an insulator so that the water stays hot long enough to cook the rice. I know someone who uses the same method to make yogurt.

Word of warning, do *not* turn the microwave on!

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Edi said...

Well I need to try this method! I just bought a rice cooker - but it doesn't turn off automatically - just stays on "warm", so it's not something I'd like to leave on for hours and hours.

Plus - I hate cooking rice on the stove b/c I always end up burning it. Great idea!

A Dusty Frame said...

Wow that's a good idea!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


motherofmany said...

Very cool!