Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs -Favorite Things

This week I want to invite you to share a few of your favourite things - er - sites. I know the list of favorite things could be never-ending, but I’ve made a list for you to do regarding your favorite homeschool things. BUT by all means you’re welcome to add your other favorite things on the post as well!

I look forward to seeing everyone else's lists. I lost all my bookmarks in a computer crash a few weeks back and am lost without them! Here is the little bit I have of sites I knew by memory and no computer crashing can take away from me!

Can you tell I've been wiped clean of all my websites?

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Debra said...


Here are a couple of mine:

You have alot of great homeschooling ideas. You should come over to my blog and offer a tip!