Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday's Thankful Thirteen (20)

Today my list is going to be all about my Devorah. She turned nine yesterday so its only appropriate to think of everything about her I am thankful for.

1) She is full of life.
2) She is a deep thinker.
3) She is a tom boy.
4) She helps out a lot.
5) She has a big heart.
6) She loves Mexican food (something we share).
7) She's a perfectionist.
8) She is full of drama.
9) She has a tender spirit.
10) She is sensitive to God's spirit.
11) She is adventurous.
12) She is playful.
13) She is analytical.


Anonymous said...

Devorah is one of the most precious little girls that I have ever known. Thank you for giving her life and for letting me spend special time with her. I love her very much.



P.S. Thanks for the cheesecake. Yum!!!

Promise Christian Academy said...

She is so beautiful and so much girl! It is so nice to see little girls being little girls! She looks like a little mother with the baby!
Hilda Rebecca

Keala said...

she is also beautiful!

What a blessing to have such a beauty in your life.