Thursday, February 21, 2008

Calm After the Storm

The memorial for Dan's father was Tuesday night. Yesterday we said good-bye to our guests as Dan drove his brother and his son home. We are now in the quiet place you reach when all the craziness of the even has passed.
The memorial went rather nicely. The pastor gave a great presentation of the gospel (most there were unsaved and quite a few of them were drug addicts and alcoholics). I got to meet relatives of Dan's that I have either never met or have only met once in the 11 years we've been married (we've known each other for over 14 years).
It was great having Dan's brother here. He is such a great guy and does a wonderful job with his son. He was widowed at a young age when his son was around 2 years old. He was also a great help around here, always rinsing the dishes or taking out the trash.
The children really enjoyed having their cousin to play with They played many games of Monopoly, Battleship and stuff.
I am however looking forward to getting back to a 'routine' (well our version of what at any rate). The girls need to get back to their school stuff. I need to get back to housework. Dan hasn't been able to do any therapy in a week and a half and I haven't walked the last two weeks. I still have a couple small boxes of papers and stuff of Dan's dad's to go through, but other then that we are all back to normal!

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