Sunday, December 30, 2007

Am I back?

I had not realized that it was so long since I posted until I logged in and saw my last post date! Three weeks is quite awhile to go in between posts. The few people that read my blog probably don't bother checking it anymore.

I believe now that the holidays are over I will be getting back to posting. I haven't been here partly because of being busy and partly because of just not feeling like talking.

I am working on getting stuff reorganized and straightened up after the mess of the holidays. The kids need to get back into a regular routine. Normal schooling needs to be taken up again. I often wonder if the new year spurs so many people on to start fresh because its a new year or because it happens so closely after Christmas when we tend to get everything unorganized and out of whack getting ready for and celebrating the holidays. If you need a little boost for your organizing, check out By Sun and Candlelight to see what she is up to, she always inspires me.

I have been way off on my walking goals. I am suppose to be doing a minimum of 5 miles a week to reach my goal. If I do 13 miles this week then I will actually be where I am suppose to be. However, I really doubt that will happen. At least I can start again and catch up a little at a time.

Anyway, its late and I have lots to do tomorrow. I am going to go chase down the latest Charlotte Mason carnival and then go to bed!

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Promise Christian Academy said...

Hey Kate!
Glad your 'back'! Keep on postin'
Hilda Rebecca