Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday's Thankful Thirteen (21)

I am determined to actually get this done before dinnertime today. I did my errands early today (Thursday is errand day which is what usually keeps me from posting till later). I was actually done and home by 1.

Today is the day before Daniel's 5th birthday. I thought I would center my list around him- including a few pictures.

1) His energy
2) he is such a boy
3) His competitive nature
4) his big blue eyes
5) his curls (although we usually keep his hair too short for those
6) his smarts- he can already spell a few words, knows most of the alphabet and can do a few other things
7) he calls his sisters 'my girls'
8) his love for his family
9) he helps out around the house
10) his smile
11) his imagination
12) he is good natured
13) his tender heart


Promise Christian Academy said...

Sweet, Kate! My Daniel is about to turn eleven!
Hilda Rebecca

Family W said...

look at him with his golf club.... so cute. Love the slide, that snowmen theme is adorable. :)