Saturday, December 8, 2007

Journals for gifts

I am posting these for someone to see what I did last year as Christmas gifts. These are composition notebooks that I covered and decorated. Each one was themed for the person receiving it. I also put a ribbon between the back cover and the paper that covered it and used that as a bookmark. I attached beads to the end of the ribbon.

My sister loves the beach, so the shell one is hers.

My other sister's says big sister in Chinese. You can see her bookmark hanging down in front of it.

My step-mom likes precious moments so I traced these for her.

The only one I did not get a picture of was my mom's.


motherofmany said...

Those are really cool!

Did you have a pattern for the covers? I tried to cover a book once (long time ago) and ended up not being able to close it because there was so much extra material glued to the cover!

Promise Christian Academy said...

Those are pretty Kate... a good idea..
Hilda Rebecca

Our Family of Five said...

Very good idea. :) Great job!