Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #7 Snack Foods

Edited to include link to requested recipe.

Our assignment this week is: what snack foods to buy for homeschooling families, on the go or at home. I would like to invite you to share what snack foods your family usually snacks on throughout the week. You’re welcome to make season lists too.

Cut up veggies- my older girls actually prefer big carrots to baby carrots. Then there are celery sticks, broccoli and cauliflower. A few of them like grape tomatoes, one daughter likes cucumbers but not too many of the kids will eat peppers. Serve with dip or hummus.
Any fruit in season
Tortilla chips with cheddar cheese sprinkled on top then warm up in the toaster oven or microwave enough to melt the cheese
banana bread with peanut butter on it
granola bars
fruit snacks
pretzels crackers with peanut butter and raisins
ants on a log
apple with peanut butter
nuts or trail mix
crackers and cheese
dried fruit
peanut butter playdough (peanut butter, honey, oats, etc. mixed together)

I am looking forward to reading everyone's suggestions. If you want to see other ideas, see this post with all the links.


Lisa said...

Your snack list sounds fantastic! Would you mind sharing the complete recipe for the peanut butter playdoh? I think my son would love it!


amy @ Homeschool Highlites said...

Peanut butter playdough sounds interesting! I'd like to see the recipe for that too, I have a 3yr. old who might enjoy that.

Kate said...

I went ahead and posted a recipe to my blog for the playdough and edited this post to include a link to the recipe. I hope your little ones enjoy it!