Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #8 Study Spot

This week we need to post about our favorite spot to study with our children.

Our book learning takes place mostly in the living room, but since we also believe in learning from life, we tend to use wherever we are to learn. If its a project like a lapbook then we would require the use of the dining room table. Then there is the learning we do while cooking in the kitchen. I love when we have discussions about stuff in the car and field trips are always fun.

Now for my personal study time, its usually in bed after the kids are asleep. I read or plan, etc. while dh watches a movie.

I would include pictures of all the different places we study, but we recently got out the winter clothes to sort and put away and the house is a mess. It has made substantial progress today, but there are still totes of clothes everywhere. When you have six kids to sort for and five of them are moving up in a size, that is a lot of clothes!


Anonymous said...

That is a lot of clothes! I just started reading in bed, too. Sometimes it's the only way *I* get some reading in during the day!

Sadie said...

So far I've kept the clothes in the closet...floor. They have been digging out pants and long PJs for a week now and the nice neat boxes are now all a mess and all over the floor....