Thursday, July 19, 2007

A rare blessing

Being the parents of six children means you have to give up a few things in life. One of those things is time spent together *alone*. Last night Dan and I had the rare opportunity to spend some time together without the kids (of course the baby came with us though).

A good friend was gracious enough to watch the kids while we went out for an evening by ourselves. We went out to eat- we used a gift card we had gotten a year ago, which shows how long its been since we went out alone. After dinner we went to see a movie. Dan gives blood at the Red Cross and every so often they offer him movie tickets.

The movie was so-so, nothing special. We didn't pay for it so it was no loss. We were glad that we already had tickets though as it was at the same time as a Harry Potter movie and the line to buy tickets was incredibly long. I ended up dropping Dan off at the door and finding a parking spot so he wouldn't have to get too sore walking. We couldn't even find a close handicap spot.

The dinner was at The Macaroni Grill, one of our favorites. The meal was great. Since it was a Tuesday there was no wait to get into the restaurant, although they had nearly ever table full.

Benjamin sat happily playing with a few toys through the whole wait and appetizer but wanted held right when my food came (of course, its like that at home too). I held him while Dan ate and then Dan held him while I ate. He was really good through the whole movie too.

Overall it was a really nice time to get out together and enjoy some time alone. I think we really should try to do it more often. Anyone wanna babysit?

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I live for date nights! :o) ---Lynn