Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday's Thankful Thirteen (4)

This week's installment of my thankful thirteen includes thirteen natural things I am thankful for:

1) Rain- its been a rather dry summer here and even though we didn't get a lot of rain today, it has rained and every bit counts. T read more about why I like rain read this.

2) Butterflies- they are delicate and colorful. The whole metamorphosis thing is incredible.

3) Hawks and falcons- they are really neat to watch in flight and then there is the whole fact they they can be trained.

4) Rainbows- if light hits in the exact right way it breaks apart into all the colors of the spectrum. Only by God's hand!

5) Wind- there is nothing like a nice breeze blowing.

6) The ocean- I was going to say just the waves, but then there is the sound, the smell, the feel. I have to say the whole ocean.

7) Sunshine- am I the only one who completely understands cats' and their napping in the sunshine?

8) Waterfalls- the quiet calm of gentle little ones or the power of big strong ones.

9) Lilacs- I inherited my love of this sweet smelling flower from my mother.

10) The stars- I admit, I love star gazing. Unfortunately there aren't many visible around here.

11) Color- there is such an incredible range of colors out there in nature.

12) Fire- I love a good bonfire, to sit in from of it and let the flames mesmerize me.

13) The Creator- of course I have to end this list of nature I am thankful for without being thankful for the one who created it all.


Our Family of Five said...

I love butterflies as well. In NC we had two beautiful butterfly bushes that would attract hundreds of butterflies all summer long. I miss them!! And yep, I totally understand the cats napping in the sunshine. Sometimes I think they may be smarter than we are! :) Blessings to you ---Lynn

Rebecca said...

this is a great list! Color - I love how you put that!


Hilda Rebecca said...

Hi Kate,
This is a good idea! My prayer journal is full of "Thankfuls".. this is a wonderful way to share our many blessings with others. And no, I haven't tried the mac and cheese yet, but I am going to do my meal planning at some point today and will try to fit it in :0). I will let you know how my husband likes it. About naps, my youngest is five and Mommy sometimes naps WITH him! I am not much older than you and I grew up with Fred and Ginger, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart.... TCM is my favorite channel! I like the old movies because you never have to say... "umm, is that a boy or a girl?".

Kate said...

I don't have cable now, but 'back in the day' (now doesn't that saying make you feel even older? :) there was AMC- American Movie Classics. One big fav of mine that you forgot is Katherine Hepburn. One of my all time favorite movies is one of hers The Little Minister.