Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursdays Thankful Thirteen (5)

I tried to send this through last night (all Thursday Thankful posts should really be posted *on* Thursdays, you know?) but my internet was not working for some reason. So here it is, on Friday-

I thought I would focus this week's edition of my thirteen things I am thankful for on different aspects of my job as wife/mother/homemaker/home teacher:

1) Serving my family- to many being able to serve others is not something to be thankful for, but I feel blessed by God to have the chance to serve those I love.

2) Being the one who gets to see my children's eyes light up the first time they 'get' a concept they are learning.

3) Sharing a special bond with my husband like I share with no other.

4) the knowledge that Dan and I are committed for life.

5) I can be myself and they will still love me anyway :)

6) the flexibility being a stay-at-home home schooling mom offers.

7) Not having to wake up every morning and rush off to work.

8) I get to spend lots of time with Dan and the kids.

9) My husband is very supportive and empathetic when I am troubled.

10) I am thankful that God guides me through this all and gives me the wisdom I need to do my job.

11) That my family's love is big enough to cover my mistakes, they don't hold grudges.

12) For my husbands strong desire to be the provider for his family, even now while he is unable to work.

13) for the networkk of friends I have to support me, give me advice and pray for me.


Our Family of Five said...

I really like your thankful thirteen lists. It was such a great idea! Blessings to you ---Lynn

Promise Christian Academy said...

Oh! Number seven, how true! I have no problems at all getting up, I am an early to bed early to rise girl... but having to leave my home every morning would be so sad!!!!