Sunday, September 23, 2007

Anyone like football?

I want to say up front that I am not a huge football fan.. Yes, I watch it some and I do know the teams, basic rules, and who won the Superbowl. I do that for my husband though. I follow it enough to keep up with Danny's interests.
Having said that I wanted to share about a book I just finished. Quiet Strength is authored by Tony Dungy, the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts football team. For those who really don't know football, they won the Superbowl this last Jan. Coach Dungy is a very strong Christian and his remarks after winning the Superbowl reflected that fact. This book is his memoirs, a look back at his life and how his faith has helped him through.
I first borrowed the book from the library because my husband said that it would probably be a good read. Danny is not a reader but highly respects Coach Dungy and knew that a book authored by him would be worth checking out. Because I will read almost any book recommended to me I figured I would go ahead and check it out.
Before I get to the book I will say that before I got a chance to read Quiet Strength (I had to finish another book) my nonreader husband read it cover to cover in three days. I highly recommend this book for any husband who likes sports and is interested in gaining wisdom from a strong fellow believer in Christ.
Having said that you obviously know now that I thought the book was very good. I learned a lot of lessons from what I read. Even when he wasn't talking about something that directly related to my life I still gleaned something out of it that I could use with me. I really like that Coach Dungy emphasized family over work as well as the fact that coaching a team to the Superbowl may be a goal but its just a step along a greater journey of life and is not the end of the journey. The man coaches well and deserves the respect of all of those around him in the sport. With so much junk going on in sports it is good to see such a positive role model.

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This was a great review. Thank you for sharing it. :)