Saturday, September 22, 2007

Its a pink contest

Its a Dyson vacuum give away. The ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom have a pink Dyson vacuum they are giving away to one lucky winner. We are talking a $400 value and its pink to support breast cancer research. There are roughly 1200 entries so far, so its a long shot. But its worth the try, right?


Family W said...

My husband use to sell vacuum cleaners.....a long, long, time ago......but it ruined him. He now can only own one kind of vacuum cleaner, because its the only kind that 'really works'.... in his mind. :)

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain why I want to enter that contest? I have a "whole house vac." and one I bought from my son-in-law which works great so WHY do I have this urge to enter that contest? Is it because it is free? Is it because I've never had a Dyson? Now there is something wrong with that!