Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall is coming

For those of you who live in the deep south (Lynn!) this post is not for you and you can feel free to just skip it. For those of you who live in normal areas of the world and experience all four seasons I think you will get more from what I have to say.
Last night the low reached the lowest it has been since early June. I think fall has arrived. I now feel like I can really attend to the children's schoolwork. I hate to make them do school stuff in the house when the sun is shining bright and the temps are warm.
I have been wanting to make chili for weeks now but didn't think that anyone wanted to eat something like that when it was 85 in the house. Now we are actually shutting windows and putting socks on (well the kids and I are, Dan is still in shorts because, well because he's Dan and he wears shorts till the snow hits).
Its a little early yet but I am going to be getting out my fall candles soon. I don't have many seasonal items but I do have my pumpkin pie spice and my candy corn candles. I know Indian summer will come soon as well so I am not breaking out the heavy winter clothes yet.

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Family W said...

I can dream can't I? :) I'll just sweat it out down here while in envy of your cooler temperatures. :)