Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Are You Infectious?

Our neighbor has a friend that often comes by for visits. You know when Sterling is around because he laughs a lot and his is a laugh that is unmistakable. Its also one of those laughs that make you want to join in the merriment, even when you don't know what he's laughing at.

One night as we were doing our devotions with the children, I heard Sterling laughing next door. He almost made me start laughing right in the middle of Dan reading the Bible. Then I started thinking. Aren't we, as Christians, suppose to have that same infectious response from others? Shouldn't we inspire others with our behavior? Whether its spurring other believers on in their faith or getting non-believers to a point of wanting what they see in our lives, isn't that part of the goal for our lives?

So I ask you- how infectious are you?

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Magran said...

As much as I want to be infectious, sometimes I feel as though I'm living in a vial of antibodics. However, I fight daily to "let my light shine".