Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Book Review -Leaving the Left

I finished a book yesterday. Its far from reading a book a week like I had planned, it took me three weeks to read this one. Of course I did read two teen fiction books as well, previewing them to see if the girls could read them.
This time I read "Leaving the Left." Its a book written by a guy who use to be a left-winger but has since abandoned their platform. In the book he goes through different areas where the left took its ideas way too far, to the point where he couldn't endorse it anymore. He talks about feminism, equal opportunity, eminent domain, abortion, Clinton's perjury, fatherhood and a few others. If you have any interest in politics you might enjoy this book.

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Our Family of Five said...

It does sound kind of cool, did you enjoy it? I want to read so badly but it takes me forever these days to get through a book. I'm still working on Wuthering Heights, and I declare the only time I can find to read is at bedtime and I can't get but so far in those last five minutes before I pass out from exhaustion. I commend you for making time to read. I definitely need to.