Saturday, June 2, 2007

Father Son Time

There is a golf course near us. What is unusual about this golf course is that it is in the middle of the city. The metroparks just built it last year. They have this really good program for kids during the summer. It teaches inner city kids character lessons while they learn to play the game.
Today the golf course had an open house. My four year old Daniel is a big golf fan. He even uses rulers to practice his swing when he is in the house. So, Daddy (Dan) took his son up to the golf course to get a look at it. Daniel was given a free bucket of balls to hit at the driving range. While he hit the balls two kids from the local high school's golf team gave him pointers on his swing (they were rather impressed with the swing that came from such a young one btw). After they were done at the driving range they were able to go over to the putting greens and let Daniel practice (he hits balls at home but can't practice putting as he hasn't got anyplace to practice). They were suppose to give tours of the course but no one was around to give the tour so Dan went and asked about it. They then let him take a golf cart and drive his son around the entire course and view the whole thing. Its the first time Daniel has ever been on a real golf course. We will simply say that Daniel came home with one of the biggest smiles on his face I have ever seen!

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