Tuesday, June 12, 2007


A few months back I was clued in on a really good free website- www.spellingtime.com
You can enter your child's name and grade and they are given weekly spelling lists which they learn through games and quizzes on the site. The only problem I have is that the site will give them words that will all utilize a certain spelling rule but not explain the rule. For example, this week Devorah is doing words that have either ee (seek) or ea (beach) in them. There is a rule for figuring out which spelling (ee or ea) a word uses but the program never share that rule. I think I will start looking over their spelling words ahead of time and help them learn the rules before they take the tests. Other then that it is a great program.
Anyway, Charlotte had to spell Wednesday this week and wasn't getting it down well. It certainly doesn't look like it sounds. I told her to remember the phonetic spelling in order to help her out. That is how I always did it.

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