Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Recent reads

I figured I would keep track of the books I have read so others can maybe find something good to read.
I recently read a book by Michael Reagan titles 'Twice Adopted.' It is a really good book to read if you have any interaction with, or are yourself a victim of sexual abuse. There is a lot of other really good learning in the book but it really revolves around the abuse he suffered as a child by a camp counselor. Since the statistics are really high that you know someone who has gone through something like this it is worth checking out. Everything he says is from a Christian perspective as well and very well grounded.
I am currently reading 'The Hand of God: the Journey from Death to Life by the Abortion Doctor who Changed His Mind.' This man was on the inside of the fight to make abortion legal. He performed thousands of them himself along with running several clinics. I haven't gotten to the point where he turns around, but it is an interesting book so far.

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