Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday's Thankful Thirteen

I saw this idea somewhere else and thought it a very worthwhile exercise in keeping myself focused on the good in life. I am going to try to put out a list every Thursday of 13 things I am thankful for. Here is my first list-

1. God's provision- I don't know how he does it, but I do suppose that if my Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills He can surely get our bills paid and food on the table, right?

2. For a husband who has the strong desire to take care of me no matter how much pain he is in or how it cost him physically.

3. For all the help and work my girls are willing to do to keep this house going. I know I have said this before, and no they aren't perfect in this area- I still get flack once in awhile, but they have done so much to help out around here.

4. For the wonderful support group we have surrounding us. People keep up with when we have Dr. apt.s and stuff and call to see what happened and what is going on.

5. That support group also has been so wonderful in offering all sorts of help that we might need- from mowing the lawn to babysitting while we go to apt.s.

5. For baby giggles and smiles to brighten my day.

6. For God's healing- though He hasn't miraculously healed my husband's back I have seen Him do a lot of healing for others I know and I know He could heal Dan if He wanted to. I am thankful for the healing He has done for those around me.

7. God's abundant wisdom that surpasses my own- He knows why He does what He does and when is best to do it. We just need to remember that and keep trusting in Him always.

8. For the variety of food we have to enjoy. Even though it isn't necessary and even though our country is a little too into food and all, I do enjoy the variety of foods God made for us to enjoy.

9. For Grandparents who pay for our daughter to go enjoy a week of camp.

10. The freedom to school my children at home instead of being forced to put them in government run public schools.

11. Music- the variety of different types that we have to praise God and sing about how wonderful He is.

12. For God allowing us to falter and have times of questioning as we work out our journey of faith.

13. For God always remaining by our side even when we have our times of faltering and questioning. He is always there and never leaves us- ever.

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