Sunday, June 10, 2007

Taking a Beating

Our church family is on the smaller side. We average around 125 people in church on Sundays. I am amazed at how many people are going through so many physical ailments. In the last two years at least seven people have been diagnosed with cancer (two have passed on), one member had to have ACL surgery, one member suffered a stroke, sever are dealing with back issues, one went through problems with blood clots and another had several surgeries and had post surgery complications.
We have decided that God must be on the verge of doing something incredible in our church because it seems like the devil is just attacking everyone. The awesome thing is that God has healed a few people miraculously and everyone is still pressing on in the work God has called them to do. Also. any time someone gets down about things there is always someone there to help them regain their focus. Just brings home the importance of the church body acting like the family it is.

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