Monday, October 1, 2007

Blogger Friend School #4 Panning for Gold

The Internet offers a lot of treasures! Being a Blogger Friend is all about sharing our treasures. The assignment this week is to share your Internet treasures. Take this list and add your “golden” treasured sites so that we may all share the wealth.

~First place you look for a book to buy-- ISBN.NU- compares prices at different sellers

~Homeschool site full of information that you use regularly-- Old Fashioned Education

~Site that offers Homeschool Freebies-- Homechool Estore -new freebie each week

~Site that offers any kind of Freebies-- Twisted Branches

~A blog to read that is always full of humor-- Mommy to My Six Pack

~A blog to read that is always full of useful information-- Just Call Me Jamin

~A blog to visit because it is eye appealing and easy to read-- One Way or Another

~A blog that you read because it inspires you to be a better homeschooling mom-- Lady of Virtue


Renee said...

Great list! Thanks for sharing.

Family W said...

Awesome links Kate, thanks so much for sharing! :)