Friday, October 5, 2007

Thursday's Thankful Thirteen (15)

This week I have 13 things about autumn I am thankful for.

1) The leaves- of course! The colors are incredible.

2) A break in the heat of summer. I like summer, but I always welcome the cooler warmth of fall.

3) The smell of cool air and fallen leaves.

4) The taste of a fall Ohio apple. Starting in Oct. they start carrying locally grown apples in the grocery store. Washington apples have nothing on Ohio's!

5) Apple cider- try cooking oatmeal with apple cider instead of water, some apple chunks and cinnamon.

6) Pumpkin- cheesecake, rolls, scones

7) I look at fall as the quiet place of rest after the trials by fire (summer). After God has let you go through a real trial he sometimes gives you a peaceful place of rest- to me that is what autumn is.

8) The colors- not just the leaves but all the autumn colors.

9) Thanksgiving

10) bonfires

11) That the cold weather kills off all the mosquitoes

12) Watching all the animals get ready for winter.

13) The slower pace.


Rebecca said...

Bonfires in Ohio...that brings back some lovely memories for me! :)

Oatmeal with apple cider - I must try this!

Great list, Kate! :)

motherofmany said...

I agre eon the Ohio apples. We just picked up our cases fromt he co-op ,a dnt hey are hands down the best apples I have ever eaten. And they are so big I couldn't finish one by myself!

motherofmany said...

Man I can't type today!

Promise Christian Academy said...

Hi Kate!
I enjoy bonfires, too... we will be having a good one at my sister's soon... they have done some remodeling and we are adding our old porch wood to it so it will be quite large! Much fun!
Hilda Rebecca

Jacque Dixon said...

Ooohh... to get rid of the mosquitoes!!! I thought the cool a month ago would kill them, but they came back. I hope the lower temps this week rids us of all of them for the season, finally.
I, too, love the fall changes. The leaves, the cider, fires... I hope it slows down. I have been longing for a bit more peace and quiet.
I also wanted to tell you that I tried to get the Nice Award that you gave me posted 3x in the past week... can you believe it? I have a few others to post with it. When I finally got it all typed up for the 3rd time and ready to post... IE closed on me, and I only have a partial draft saved. UGH.
But, I am trying, and I will be linking you soon!! If I can get it posted! hehehh. I think I will be holding the awards post at my homestead blog, tho.
I am thinking of getting my own off-site WP blog.
Anyway, loved your list!

Family W said...

Great list. :) We need some cold weather down here...... we have way too many mosquitoes!