Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday's Website #1

I had been thinking for the last few months (not constantly, just popped into my mind every here and now) that every Wednesday I want to highlight a new website. I thought that way I can share with others my rather impressive collection of bookmarks and by looking at them to find one to post about I will also remind myself of all the treasures there are out there that I forget to use.

Today I am posting a website I just found out about. Homeschool Helper is a website where you can find *free* ideas for unit studies, notebooking, lap books, character studies and some other categories. From just scanning over the site I think it is going to come in real handy. In the lap booking area they not only have all sorts of subjects to lapbook about, but they also have a long list of templates to use in creating your lap book. (For more info on lap booking see this really informative site or check out Just Call Me Jammin's blog archives.) This site will definitely be helpful in our homeschooling efforts.

So, there is my first Website Wednesday post. Come back next week to read about another one!

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