Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday's Thankful Thirteen (17)

Well, nothing has changed here, but my mood has improved. Here is our list this week:

1) My children have plenty of clothes to keep them warm this winter (I know that for a fact as I have spent the last few days pulling out all the winter clothes and washing what needed to be cleaned. Six kids worth of clothes plus four of the kids moved up a size!)

2) For the children who wear those clothes.

3) My husband's determination to keep going- no matter how much junk happens or how much I bug him. :)

4) God's tenderness

5) spell check (I really don't like to misspell words so I am thankful for every red line under each word I need to correct)

6) My family's support (especially my parents)

7) My church family

8) God's renewal

9) Our freedom to worship, homeschool, etc. America isn't perfect but we are afforded many freedoms others don't have.

10) All my children are well and healthy (we just finished up the last well check apt. today as we made the rounds).

11) Good sleep- Ben actually gave me six hours straight last night! The question now is- why do I feel so dead tired still?

12) My three girls' thoughtfulness

13) For our van not needing any repairs while we don't have the funds (it does need brakes sometime soon, but that isn't immediate)


Rebecca said...

I am also so thankful for spell check :)

Great list - glad all the kids have their winter clothes ready. We just got winter coats for ours - well, ok, for my son...My daughter gets her brother's old coat (it's like new!) :)

MyStarbucks said...

Wow! That is a beautiful list!

Our Family of Five said...

Glad you got some sleep. I remember those nights. Kinsey sleeps all night now, although my boys didn't until after they were two. And......... gotta love spell check! :)