Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday's Website #2

This week its a relaxing fun site to browse while sipping your hot tea (or latte if that's your pleasure). To copy their welcome page at Old Fashioned Living, -

You'll find down to earth crafts, recipes, gardening advice and family activities plus tips on keeping your family history and teaching your kids and grandkids about the generations that came before them. We hope you'll brew a cup of tea and stay awhile!

One of my favorite areas is the tea time section. not only does it have great ideas for tea time treats or themes for tea time, it also covers other items necessary for tea time like children's manners.

With the holiday season looming so closely, check out the Holiday Page with all sorts of ideas- recipes, gifts, crafts, etc.

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Our Family of Five said...

I love that website! I got stuck on their page all about lavendar! :) (which, by the way, I did get some essential oil for that, thank you so much for telling me about it.)