Sunday, August 12, 2007

How I get my 4yo boy to do chores

Once the kids hit a certain age they seem to take to chores a lot better- not perfectly, just more compliant and less force from me. Daniel is 4 1/2 and is just starting to find his way out of the "I do not want to do my chores and you can't make me" stage. He is in charge of putting the silverware away when the dishwasher gets emptied. What motivates him to do it? The microwave is above the silverware drawer and it has a kitchen timer feature. Daniel loves to set the timer and race to get the silverware put away. It doesn't matter how long he gives himself to get the job done, he will work quickly to beat the time regardless. Sometimes that means he is 'racing' a 35 minute time! He must be a competitive person as it has always helped him to pick up if someone races against him or if we have him race himself to see how fast he can do it.


Hilda Rebecca said...

This is so sweet! 35 minutes! My Daniel is so slow and methodical that he may take 35 minutes to fold towels!

Anonymous said...

With both of my boys it has always motivated them if we "threaten" to help them if it takes too long...LOL For some reason they will race to finish so that they can succeed without help. A different type of competitive I guess! LOL

Racing the timer is a great idea!


Our Family of Five said...

My microwave is right above the silverware drawer too! :) Instead of the microwave timer I bought everyone (including me!) watches with timers on them. This was a HUGE help, and yes my dawdler does better when he's trying to beat the clock. My oldest does better with the stopwatch. He's so competitive, he wants to beat his 'best time'. :) It's my personal opinion that all boys are competitive to some degree. It's just how God made them. God bless!