Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday's Thankful Thirteen (8)

I almost let this Thursday slip away again, as engrossed as I was with the days events. How long does it take for someone to form a habit? This is the eighth week I have done this and yet I am still struggling to remember it! It is so important to take time out to reflect on what you are thankful for and I sure don't want to miss it. Anyway, here is this week's installment.

1) the laryngitis issues I have going on right now- no honestly, I am thankful for this. It is really setting a good reminder for me as to how I need to talk softer to the children and not yell as much. (Though it is harder to get their attention when they are in another room!)

2) Of course I am thankful for the ruling they made on Dan's worker's comp case. Although it may not be any huge headway in things, it does give a big moral boost after all the denials the last year or so.

3) Our new associate pastor and his wife came to dinner tonight. We had a really nice visit (although I didn't say much- see no. 1 above).

4) Dinner turned out really good and everything was ready on time.

5) The girls (especially Charlotte) were really hospitable, offering drinks and getting thinks that were needed.

6) The kids did not run around hyper like they tend to when company comes. They *were* running around hyper BEFORE the company came but surprisingly enough they calmed down when the company got here and acted rather mannerly.

7) Dan got to visit with a friend who has not been coming to church in almost two years. He walked away from the church for awhile but is slowly making his way back into contact with a few people.

8) The rain we have gotten lately. We have been under a mini drought and over the last 1 1/2 weeks it has rained a lot of much needed rain.

9) A couple from church got married on Sat. They are both widowed and it was wonderful to see them find a new love to help fill the emptiness after their spouses past on.

10) We have started a loose basic back to school thing this week and things are okay so far. I don't think we will ever get a good routine, but they are going well enough.

11) My local library has no limit on the no. of pages you can print at one time on the computers. I have been able to print off most everything I need for the girls for school.

12) My little Benjamin is starting to scoot himself backwards on the floor. Me thinks crawling is not too far behind.

13) The internet and being able to communicate across the computer. I can't talk right now so it feels nice to 'talk' to you all even without my voice!


Rebecca said...

Sounds like the dinner went really well...

Love the name Benjamin...that's my son's name too ;)


Our Family of Five said...

I'm sorry about the laryngitis. I hope you get to feeling better soon! Lynn