Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday Meanderings

Last week I did this hoping it would help give me motivation to get things done. It seems I struggle so hard to get any of the things on my list done anymore outside of dishes, laundry and supper. Well, after *not* getting much more accomplished last week with the motivation of posting my list, I thought maybe I just wouldn't do it anymore as it only served to remind me of my failures instead of motivation me to keep going. Well, I figure we would try one more week of it and see how I do. I have marked off the few I have done and added a few more. Its worth a shot anyway, right?

Monday meanderings is something new that Tiany at Less of Me More of Him started. Its basically a 'to do list' for each week that you post in order to give yourself more motivation to get things done. Also, what you fail to plan you usually fail to finish. The goal is to list five areas that you are working on. Tiany uses the following- menus for the week, devotional reading, zone work, child training/education and must dos for the week. You don't have to use her five areas, but must have five basic areas that you use each week. To read her introduction post on Monday Meanderings and get all the info, click here.

Here is my week's five things-

1) Devotional- Dan and I need to start the devotional book for
married couples we have- missed a couple days but we are doing it
start reading a Psalm/Proverb every day- have done four so far
start praying on a regular schedules basis every day

2)Personal goals- I have started back to walking again. I want to
cover five miles a week on our treadmill.- I did 5.25 miles instead of the 5 I wanted YEAH!
I also want to make progress through my reading material- I have been reading while walking and slowly working through a book.
I need to do more reading and research on finding a home
business idea that fits.

3) Must do list- work on the clutter in the living room and dining room- I did manage to clean out two corners that were major clutter and I am in the process now of sorting through the five shelves of books the kids have.
work on the clutter in our room and the boys room
get organized on the girls schoolwork
fill out and send it various paperwork that has been piling up
finish school notification paperwork and send it in- done dropped it off yesterday
cut up and freeze peppers- done but then I bought more red peppers I still have to do

4) Child Training- teach the older two girls one meal each they can
cook on their own
engage in meaningful growth promoting conversation with each child
one on one
continue doing family devotions together- we are over halfway through our devotional book

5) Meals- I can't do one per day as it seems that leftovers take us a
few days and then some days life gets away from us and we do other
things. This will be a loose list of five meals as it works better for me.
steak, mashed potatoes and veggie- had this on Monday (last week)
chicken enchiladas with rice, beans and salad
stromboli- I made these today and must make them more often as everyone loved them
fish, pasta and veggie
corn, hot dogs and potatoes
Saturday will be a cookout with the neighbors


Anonymous said...

Your week sounds great, as do your meals. I think it is great that you and your dh pray together.



Karen said...

I hope you have a great week!

Our Family of Five said...

This was really good. I haven't posted any meal plans yet, although I do plan my meals weekly and sometimes two weeks out. Since our boys are getting bigger I don't really have leftovers and if I do, then I freeze them if there's enough to make another meal out of it the next week, or I store them in the fridge for our lunches the next day. If there's anything left after that then it gets tossed. Coming from parents that were born to parents who lived through the depression, this wasn't always easy for me to do. But a wise person once saw me struggling in this area and admonished me that it was a huge trust issue. I needed to trust God more. He provides what we need when we need it. God Bless! Lynn

Our Family of Five said...

Kate, I tried to email you from the comment you left on my blog, but it wouldn't let me. You must not have an email address listed in your profile. But anyway, I love the sound of the lavender scented oils....where do I get something like that as I've never heard of it before??? Thanks a bunch! :)

Tiany said...

Great plan for your week! Your devotional with hubby sounds like a real blessing! Praying you have a productive rest of the week!!
Hugs ~

Hilda Rebecca said...

good job with the job planning. I am still struggling in that area! About your to do list, remember keep it simple! I had to laugh about your reading and walking at the same time... I read while cooking, folding laundry, eating....he he he