Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday's Thankful Thirteen (7)

For this week's list of 13 things I am thankful for, I thought I might have the kids help me out. So, here is what my children are thankful for this week:

1) All the birthday presents Charlotte received.

2) Family and friends

3) Clothes

4) Food

5) Toys

6) Schoolwork

7) Doing chores for the family

8) Mom and Dad to take care of us

9) The birth of babies

10) God supplying for us

11) Jesus dying for our sins

12) People who help us

13) Doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers

Those are the first 13 items that my children thought of when asked! Although Benjamin (who is hungry right now) might say something else- I'm off to feed the baby!
Also, to contribute to the thankful list, see Becki's blog.


Rebecca said...

I love that you had the girls contribute - great list!


Our Family of Five said...

Such a good idea letting the kids pitch in their thoughts. Great list!! Many blessings, Lynn.