Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some thoughts on mothers

Lately I have been dealing with myself on a few issues. One of the problems I have often had is that I have gotten so wrapped up in my jobs (mothering, wifing [is that a word? the spell checker things so!] teaching, etc. that all of 'me' has gotten kinda lost. Most people IRL who know me know next to nothing about my likes, dislikes, hobbies (or dreams of hobbies for when I find time for hobbies). When they relate to me they talk about the kids, homeschooling, church, etc. I think quite a few of them would be amazed at the interests I have. For example there is my secret desire to one day have a motorcycle that Dan and I can ride around town. Or there is my budding interest in chain maille jewelry.

I think that since our jobs are so 24 hour around the clock in nature that it gets easy for us to get caught up in all the needs and jobs, etc. that are demanded from us every day. We ourselves forget to take the time to do something else. No matter how much encouragement others give us to do something for ourselves (and Dan is very good at always telling me to go do something away from the kids and house) we need to make the step and commit ourselves to it.

I think we all need to nurture the different parts of ourselves. God made us with varied interests, He made us creative in nature. Wouldn't it be wrong if we never paid attention to those parts of who we are?

Obviously there needs to be a balance. I am not advocating all of us wives and mothers to leave their families home all the time while pursue other interests. We shouldn't not fulfill our roles. God has put us in these positions for a reason.

Does anyone else find this happening to them? What do you do to fight it? I really have no problem with people relating me to my kids and stuff as I love my role as a mother, wife and Christian, but I want to be seen as a full person with my own interests and stuff. Anyway, any advice or stories on how you get people to see all of you?


Our Family of Five said...

Oh I totally agree with you in this. I think it is important in keeping 'mommy' healthy.

One thing that I did, just for me and my creative side, was to take a knitting class. Then afterward when I realized I didn't learn well in the group setting, I contacted the teacher and she started teaching me 'as needed' in my home. It was very affordable so I didn't have to feel guilty in that way, and my husband agreed that I needed the creative, alone time that it took to learn.

It's important as well, because we do homeschool, and our kids are watching us, that we lead an interesting life. They need to see us pursuing creativity and educating ourselves in these areas. Whether its learning photography or how to sew, or how to make jewelry...... when we are learning, our kids are learning. They are learning, how to learn. They see us reading books. They see us putting into practice what we are reading......

Thanks for sharing, this was a great post. :) Blessings to you, Lynn.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found you through Hilda's blog "following His Will". I am also a homeschool mom etc. and YESS!! I completely understand what you are talking about. It is so hard to balance all I do and still know WHO I am apart from all this. I think its a 30's thing for me too. I am smack in the middle of them and have felt such a need to deepen who I am as an individual. I went (all by myself!) On a 2 day retreat for what I call a "2nd honeymoon with Jesus" That is meant to be funny but it is honestly what it was also. It was the 1st time I have done such a thing and I definitely think I have started a new tradition. I don't have little ones now either so it is easier for me to get away. Art and crafts are another way I remember who Lora is sometimes. :-) Nice to meet you!

Hilda Rebecca said...

This is so true! I often find myself pushing through the tasks of the day waiting for the hour when I can climb the stairs to my scraproom and enjoy, or curl up with my newest fun book, or even post a 'creative' blog... only to find I am to tired to do anything! I need to learn to make time in the middle of the day for some Mommy's creative time. But I tend to go off on tangents... days of power schooling.. or power cleaning... or power scrappin'... get the picture? He He He!