Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Turn off the TV month

Quite a few Christian family groups have been advertising in the last couple months that August was deemed to be "turn off the TV month." They are challenging people to go one full month without a TV on. A few weeks agoI had mentioned the idea to Dan and he didn't seem too interested in it. Well, the day before yesterday he told me that he thought we should take part in the whole thing.
So, today was our first day without any TV (we are also not allowing any computer games or video games). The kids got out a charades game and we played that for a little while. Dan has listened to the baseball game a bit on the radio. I am interested to see how this month turns out as the TV has turned into more of a centerpiece in our lives then I think it should be. I will report back periodicially as to how things are going.


Our Family of Five said...

Oh this sounds like heaven. We don't watch that much tv anyway, but all the more time to spend reading and playing games........sounds great to me!

Hilda Rebecca said...

I have a friend who enjoys radio shows with her family, she is on my friend list (Together at Home) on her blog are some good links. I think your family would enjoy listening to them.... what was it like before TV???? :0)