Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thursdays (LATE) Thankful Thirteen (6)

Oh I am so woefully behind! I have to admit that Thursday completely slipped by me. I didn't even remember my thankful list till Friday. Then I spent most of Friday running errands and getting caught up on life so I didn't post anything at all. Here is my list, a few days late but here none the less.

1) The kids and I went and visited some friends this week. The family has nine children and the younger four are very close in age to my older five. (Mine are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 on Monday, hers are 2, 4, 7 and almost 11.) Us mommas got to visit and talk while the kids played.

2) God provided for another month's mortgage payment. Dan has been without any regular income at all for 10 months now and God has continued to provide.

3) I am thankful for all the effort Dan puts out to get things done around the house despite the amount of pain he is in all the time.

4) My little chubby boy Ben who turned 5 months this Thursday. He is growing strong. His weight on Wednesday was 20# 12oz with diaper and clothes on. That means he has gained almost 10 full pounds since birth.

5) My oldest two daughter and their love for their baby brother. I am always asking them to pick him up or hold him and they (almost) never complain. In fact they have made comments as to how much they enjoy their baby brother.

6) Some people have been putting air conditioning on their thankful list as the summer has been hot. I don't have that luxury, but I am thankful for others who have air conditioning and who invite us over so we can enjoy their air!

7) I am healthy with no major health issues. Too many women I know are suffering from fibro. or other such stuff. I have my aches but overall am healthy.

8) God giving me the strength to get through every day.

9) My daughter having the blessing of a girl's day out with Grandma.

10) My sister who, although she is older, likes to get my advice on things.

11) My younger sister who recently moved away but still sent up a birthday card to my oldest.

12) Taking the day off of housework and sitting around reading and such, realizing that things will not fall apart just because I let them go for a day.

13) Being able to connect online with other women who have a lot in common with me.


Our Family of Five said...

#5 - I have the same situation in my home, only in reverse. My two older boys help me so much with my Kinsey girl and they hardly ever complain. They especially love to get her up in the morning when she first wakes and when she wakes from her naps. I don't know why really.....but its a special time for me too and sometimes I have to say "No, it's MY turn to get her!" #10 - You're blessed to have an older sister that seeks your advice at times. My older sister loves to GIVE it, but I think I will always be the 'baby girl' in her eyes. Hope you're having a great weekend. God Bless, Lynn.

Hilda Rebecca said...

Kate, this is a good list.
I have enjoyed your 'thankful thirteen' so much that I am starting something similar on my blog.. with a twist.
I am one of those VERY thankful for air condition. Where I live we have extremely high humidity and the temps are getting in the high 90's! About #10, I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you, Kate!
Have a blessed week!