Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who needs a pet?

I figure as long as I keep having babies at the same pace as I have been then we wont have to get a pet for a good long while. (Of course if God decides to slow down our family's growth rate that would be fine too). I have come to the conclusion that a baby is fun in a lot of the same ways a cat or dog can be. That means if there is a baby in the house then I can continue to push off any desire my children would have for a pet.
Example no. 1 Kittens like to play with the fringe on a rug. Ben was just playing with the fringe on a friend's rug today. He batted at it for quite awhile.
Example no. 2 You can dress your little sibling up just like you would dress up your pet.
Example no. 3 When you dangle something in front of a baby they will swat at it just like a cat.
Example no. 4 This is the most frustrating part of it- you know how some dogs can't decide if they want in or out? You let them out and they start barking to be let in. So you let them in ...and the turn around and paw at the door to get out again. That is the stage babies get at right around the 5-6 month mark when it comes to nursing. I'm hungry, feed me, feed me! Oh wait let me see what is going on around the room...ok, nothing special I can eat again. Oh, but wait! There might be something happening now! No, no I really do want to eat.
Example no. 5 They both need to have someone else dispose of their messes. This is the excuse I use for anyone who thinks my kids need a pet. I have been cleaning up diaper messes for the past 10 years, I don't need to add an animal's mess to the equation.

Of course babies are much better then animals for a lot of reasons. To name a few-
1. They are made in the image of God.
2. Unlike a cat you wont (usually, if mom keeps up on cutting baby nails) get clawed by a baby when you hug them and love them.
3. Babies are a mixture of your DNA and your spouse's DNA, an incredible act of love.
4. They are God's incredible gift. Anyone can go out and get a puppy, but only God can determine if a child should be created.
5. They are much less moody then cats- well maybe not when they have missed their nap!
6. They grow up to be such wonderful little creatures. Every stage of their lives are incredible.


motherofmany said...

AWESOME post!!!!

Our Family of Five said...

I've never been fond of pets around my babies. Once they get past the stage of putting everything in their mouth, its a lot easier for me to take.