Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Accomplishing much?

I don't know if it helped matters or made them worse, but I just went through most of the papers on my desk. I now have a pile of the things that need attention soon. I know I didn't really *do* anything- just push around all the papers and then throw a few out, but at least it looks better. Marcia at Organizing Queen is having a competition with organizing your desk. You are suppose to take a before and after picture and post them to your blog. If I thought I would have the time to get the desk done by the deadline then I would enter, but I have more pressing areas to clean right now.
Lynn at One Way or Another posted a show in tell about the library in her new house. She lamented about the books not being organized and how it would take such a large amount of work to get them done (I agree Lynn, that is a *lot* of books!). I can sympathize a little as I just pulled down five and a half shelves of kids books and have been culling and sorting through them. I took them all off the shelves Saturday and I still have work to do! I did manage to sort out the workbooks today. I am contemplating whether to even keep the workbooks as I am moving away from that style of teaching the kids and going towards a more living books method. If I do keep them I think they will be filed in the basement where I can have access to them without taking up 1 1/2 shelves of our limited bookshelf space.
I have been trying to go through our stuff and find things to sell on Ebay. I figure if I can get a few dollars to help pay the bills it wouldn't hurt things, right? I just happened to find out today that the listing fee Ebay charges is being discounted this next month (through Sept. 30). That means if I can get anything listed then I wont have to pay the initial fees. Talk about giving me some good motivation to get some stuff listed!
Anyway, enough ramblings from me. The baby has been asleep on the floor next to me and I should take him upstairs, shower and go to bed myself.

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Family W said...

That's the part I dread.... taking them all off the shelves. I know its just like everything else, it always looks worse before it starts looking better. Every time I go into a room to clean it, it gets bad before it gets good! :)

I agree with you. There are times when workbooks have their place. We're definitely all about living books, but now, with Math, its more about the workbooks. I loved playing all the math games and reading the fun math books (like the ones by Greg Tang) but now we've hit 6th and 8th grade.... we have to bite the bullet and get down to business. :)

That is a very cool thing to know about Ebay! I might have to do some cleaning out myself!! :)

Oh! I got my Folgers Vanilla Biscotti in yesterday.....have you gotten yours yet? :)