Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I don't understand

Yesterday Dan was here with me as I tried to get the kids through some school stuff. We aren't doing a full schedule yet. I thought we would start out a few weeks early with just math and reading stuff before we dive into a full schedule.
Anyway, yesterday was really hectic and it seemed like all the kids were always wanting help with different stuff all at once. I am not as organized as I should be (am I ever?) and couldn't give Dan much to work with them on. All in all the day was rather busy.
Today Dan went out for the day. I actually had all five older kids (the baby was asleep) at the table working on stuff at the same time and I DID NOT GO CRAZY! Timothy (2) was stringing beads. I had Daniel (4) and Abigail (6) working with colored bears on adding and even/odd numbers. Devorah (8) and Charlotte (10) were doing a math review with me. No we didn't get a lot done, but I was actually able to juggle all of them at once (for the most part).
I just don't understand why yesterday when I had help I couldn't work it out and yet today I could. It does go to show me that if I can give Dan some stuff to do with a couple of them then I can work with the others and things will go much smoother.
On a side note, Charlotte started reading Treasure Island the other day. It happens to be on the list of books for her to read for school. She finished it today so that means she is already done with one full book off of her list. Devorah read Sarah Plain and Tall today. The way the two of them love to read maybe its good that I am using a living books style curriculum. Now I just have to get Abby to learn and retain her phonics so she can start reading.

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Hilda Rebecca said...

That is so funny, I can get much more done when Mark is not home, too! And don't give up with the phonics! She will surprise you one day! My second child took years to 'get' it! But he has it good now! Now if I could get him to spell all those words he knows how to read!