Sunday, August 19, 2007

Doing things different this Sunday

As I posted in my thankful post on Thursday, I have been sick this past week. My voice has improved greatly but I still am recovering, dealing with congestion. All of the kids except Timothy (2) are coughing when they wake up in the morning and showing mild signs of a cold. That means that Daddy and Tim went to church alone today and the rest of us stayed home.
Whenever we stay home from church (which is always as rarely as possible) we always try to have our own church time here. Today we went over the story of Hannah and her trip to the tabernacle where she poured out her heart to God concerning her lack of a child. After reading the story and talking about it I made it a point to discuss with the children that this story is not to show us that God will give us all we want in life if we just want it bad enough. Even if what we want is good and right it doesn't mean that it is within God's will and that He will automatically give it to us. We do need to storm the gates of heaven and pray about it till we get an answer, but realize that it does not mean that what we want is *going* to happen. I used the example of Dan and his back. We have been praying for God to heal his back since he was injured in November of 05. It is a good thing we are praying for, it is something we know in faith that God can do, but does that mean he will do it?
While we are praying for what we want God to do we also need to make sure that our hearts are willing to accept God's will for us and not just our will. I don't mean that we should say "God I want you to heal me but in case your answer is no I need to prepare for it." Its more of a "God we would like healing, we know you are able to heal. Whatever you choose to do in this situation we pray that you will help us to accept your answer and know that it is what you desire for us. Show us the direction you want to be taken in this." Even Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane told God his desires but then also stated that it wasn't His will that mattered but the will of the Father. We need to have faith that God is able to heal and that He can heal, but not necessarily that God is *going* to heal.

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